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what tadokists are like 5 ~太っ腹?~

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Mary-san is a veteran tadokist, and she has about 3000 books at home.

Mary-san is a good navigator for who starts to do tadoku.
When I started English tadoku, she gave me lots of books.

Oh, how sweet she is!

But ….
After a while

Mary-san is generous and also forgetful …..

☆This story is based on the fact, and the characters have certain models who really exist.
Do you want to know who Mary-san is?
Well, ….
Who has a nickname that starts with “e”?

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  1. ぷぷぷ。いや、ぷんぷんぷん、にすべきところか?
    let me make this clear. I don’t intent to carry many of my books to your house and make your cozy room into my own and also kind of a public tadoku library… 腰いたいっす、ここまでね。

    • そんなたくらみがあったとは…。
      Anyway, thanks for your commnet and take good care of your back!

  2. ある人・・・kさん?Nさん??それともHさん???


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