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読めました! I CAN READ!

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For a bookworm like me it sure was looooooooooong and hard days I had while I was not able to enjoy reading anything.
But ….
Thanks to my tadoku friends, I’m getting over it !

This manga borrowed from emmie had me remember how to enjoy the world of stories.

まほろ駅前多田便利軒 2 (花とゆめCOMICSスペシャル) まほろ駅前多田便利軒 2 (花とゆめCOMICSスペシャル)
山田 ユギ 三浦 しをん白泉社 2011-03-04
売り上げランキング :


by G-Tools

It is vol.2 of the series. The original story was written by Miura Shion and it got Naoki Award in 2006.
It is a story of a man who runs a benri-ya and his excentrid old friend.

And t-san’s blog entry about coming Tadoku Contest Round 2 encouraged me a lot to register the contest again.
Thank you, t-san!



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