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to kinokuniya, shinjuku

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Now the tadoku contest round-3 is over for me , about 20 minutes left to the end in Japan, but anyway..
I think I can write some of the books I’ve read in July later.
also I want to write about some talented readers.

BTW, emmie and I are going to kinokuniya, shinjuku tomorrow,
if it’s not rain and our conditions are OK.
You can call it a “sloppy” appointment.


Isn’t it GREAT?

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I wih I could make a kindle case for myself.
Some talented people did.
Just great!

Homemade Kindle Cases (from Steampunk kindle)


funny,sympathy,hooray, then cry ~LOVE THAT DOG~

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Love That Dog Love That Dog
Sharon Creech

HarperCollins 2003-02-18
売り上げランキング : 20791

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On September 13, I guess it was the first writing lesson in the new school year,
Jack seemed to be told by his teacher, Miss Stretchberry, to write a poem.
And it is the last thing Jack wanted to do, because such an activity like poem-writing was all for girls, not boys, he beliebed.

Being in a mood, you could not complain about his first poem became just a ranting against writing.
It took only five line even including the date he wrote on top of the page of his notebook.

For all the kids in class, Miss Strechberry did everything to encourage them to make poems,
enjoy reading poems, and get to know what poem is.
Well, you only guess it by Jack’s ranting poems in each page.

One day, Jack wrote something about a blue car.
Miss Strechberry asked a question about it.
But he didn’t want to answer, for that matter, he wanted to ask the teacher the reasons to other kids about their poems.
He didn’t make it clear.

sometimes his poem was on the board without his name,(he asked so)
sometimes his poem was read aloud in class to share with other kids,that he didn’t like to

And this poem was read by the teacher
which rung the bell in Jack’s heart.
He found it interesting.
He found he really loved it.
Gradually his interests to poems were changed.

Now he felt OK if Miss Streechberry put his name with his poem on the board,
And when he found a poem with the word “anonymus”, he wodered why it was and wanted to this kid to open his/her mind.

The entire class, especially Jack was excited to have a poet at his school, and in his class
accepting the enthusiastic and funny,unique request from Jack.
Jack was really happy to see the poet, but he had a secret.
Once he wrote a poem, but Jack used some words and phrases from the poet’s work that Jack loved very much.
He didn’t want to rude to the poet, didn’t want the poet get disappointed or mad at the stolen words.

However, the poet told to the class
if someone used his words from his poems,
he would be flattered especially added some note. ( Now I don’t mention it here for people who are going to read this book)

Jack was more than happy and with his thank-you-letter
he sent his secret poem.



Bunny-Eard Apple ~my drawing ~

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Thanks to Michel, I joined an art project called “an apple a day”,
and this is the drawing I sent.

Thanks, emmie, for helping me with the caption. 🙂

– How I joined –
When I knew this project, I sent an e-mail to Michel to ask if I can join in.
He replied me very soon and I was glad he was interested in apple-drawing from Japan.
We also communicate through twitter.
English is not the native language for both of us, but we had no problems to commnunicate.

I was wondering how I should draw my apple
because other apples are so beautiful,
and some of them are professional artists.

Anyway, I started to draw apples.
I found out soon that it was like tadoku or English writing,
I don’t need to pretend something great, or better artist than real me.
After all, I’m an amateur who loves drawing.

While I was drawing,
I mean, from draft to choosing colors, painting and drawing…
I was happy.
I didn’t think of other things like my housework to do (oops, it’s not so good as a wife and mother!)
I was having fun
and pleasant time
with yum apples and pencils.

Just for one day, my drawing is on top page of the project site.
And I’m proud of it.

Thank you for all the people who gave me warm comments on my drawing.
Thank you, again, Michel.

Join an Art Project! ~an apple a day~

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Do you like drawing?
Do you llike painting?
Do you like apples?

Then why don’t you join an art project by michel oosterhout?

Draw an apple or apples and send your drawing to Michel.
It doesn’t matter if you are professional or not.

Go to the site and enjoy variety of apples there.

365枚のリンゴ アート プロジェクトに参加しませんか?

リンゴ好きな方、絵を描くのが好きな方 ご一緒しませんか?


はるばるUKからようこそ!~Otto The Book Bear~

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Otto the Book Bear Otto the Book Bear
Katie Cleminson

Jonathan Cape 2011-08-23
売り上げランキング : 43242

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Last Christmas one of my friend gave me a 10%off coupon of the Book Depository.
It was the very first time for me to purchase something from overseas,
also I had never bought books at the Book Depository.
So I was litte too excited just to see around the site.

Then I came to a lovely cover.
A bear sitting on a book.
Before reading the description I decided already to buy the book.
I knew I would love it. Both of the story and the bear.

It was a “pre-order” .
And after about 7 months, finally I’ve got the book!
I cried for joy and said thank-you to the delivery man so loudly that he was a bit surprised, but I didn’t care.

Oh, Otto.
It is really nice to meet you at MY house in Tokyo!
And the book was , I mean both the illustrations and the story were fantastic!
I read it once silently.
And read it aloud.
Then adored all the pictures in each page.

Christmas present came very late,
but this is not just an ordinary present to me.

Picture books are not only for kids.
Great picture books can give us what we really need.

Oh,I’m so happy.
Thanks, friend, for giving me a coupon and great chance to buy books from UK.
Thanks, katie, for such a lovely, warm, brave story of Otto. ♡


draw me a penguin

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One of my favorite artists gives us a lesson how to draw a penguin here

Lost and Found Lost and Found
Oliver Jeffers

HarperCollins Children’s Books 2006-05-02
売り上げランキング : 31300

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The Great Paper Caper. Oliver Jeffers The Great Paper Caper. Oliver Jeffers
Oliver Jeffers

HarperCollins Children’s 2009-04
売り上げランキング : 42348

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