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終わる前にふりかえるTadoku Contest Round4

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All right, I give up! Tadoku Contest Round 4 (final contest for this year) is over.
This month I didn’t find a book which made me forget the time.
Some little things including my junk body prevented me getting into the world of great stories.

So what do you say, André? Are you satisfied you’ve beaten me?
NO, I’m not upset nor angry, I AM glad you were able to read a lot this month inspite of your bad sinus condition.
You know, mothers are always happy when they see their kids’ improvement. Ho,ho,ho.

What I enjoyed this month was these:
1 searching for some good French books for beginners
2 playing easy games on the website like these; Digital Dialects, BBC Languages -French
3 talking and chatting on skype
4 meeting new tadoku pals and gfs
5 some dirty jokes with @lordsilent (ha,ha)
6 drawing

Thank you for visiting my site, everyone.
I’m happy many of you enjoy my drawing very much.
I promise I’ll keep on drawing and reading.
And I have an idea for French tadoku.

Well, thank you, all tadoku contest pals!
And again, thank you, @lordsilent, for all the troubles you had to hold the contest 4 times a year!
You’ve been always helpful and kind to have lots of people from all over the world,
and I hope from bottom of my heart your sinus will get better soon.

Happy Reading ~♪

Here are some books I’ve got at Book-Off today. ♥ (have not read yet)

Where the Wild Things Are Where the Wild Things Are
Maurice SendakHarperCollins 1988-11-09
売り上げランキング : 23668Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools
A Color of His Own A Color of His Own
Leo LionniKnopf Books for Young Readers 2000-11-14
売り上げランキング : 104Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools
Henry's First Haircut (Oswald (8x8)) Henry’s First Haircut (Oswald (8×8))
Dan Yaccarino Gregg SchigielSimon Spotlight/Nickelodeon 2003-12-23
売り上げランキング : 266250Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools

now reading

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Tundra “Freeze Dried Comics”
Chad Carpenter

売り上げランキング :

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人間は考えても無駄である-ツチヤの変客万来 (講談社文庫) 人間は考えても無駄である-ツチヤの変客万来 (講談社文庫)
土屋 賢二

講談社 2009-10-15
売り上げランキング : 139933

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I remember I wrote a very boring poem in class when I was a 3rd grader, 8-year-old.
Why was it boring?
Because I was not interested in what I was writing at all.
I almost hated myself picking up such a dull thing for the main them of my poetry.
It was about a stove.
When the teacher told the class to write a poem, she said we could write anything, freely which only froze us kids.

It often happens in class. Teachers tell kids do whatever you like, and kids are at a loss.
Some kids look around to know what others do, some kids just stare at the ceiling, some kids keep on sharpen their pencils and never start to write one.
Only a few kids can begin to move on.

My teacher said to us to look around and write about what we knew very well, what we liked very much, or what we had experienced.
I was such a simple-minded child that I looked around the room to find a very old stove working hard to warm us.
Well, if you see it now, it looks interesting because this type of stove are not used anymore (maybe used by a few people at countryside),
and it’s named after its unique shape. It was called Daruma-stove.

However, for an 8-year-old, it was a little too dull theme to write enthusiastically.
I cannot remember even one sentence, as I wanted to wipe everything away from the notebook immediately after I’d finished.
This terrible experience repeated every year. Oh, poor little me.
I drew manga and story-making is one of my hobbies and habits, but when the “poem” was needed, I got lost in the deep dark black hole where nothing could be seen,
I mean, no words came out, no scene was seen, yeah, my minds were filled with nothing.
The black hole appeared at Haiku or Tanka lessons too.
All I could do was to choose words I knew sloppily,then, ta-da, the world most boring poem produced. Congrats! Guiness World Record!

But look at these books in a poem website! Giggle Poetry
Who says poem lessons are boring? Me? Oh,excuse me. I just didn’t know poems are fun and exciting writing until I started English tadoku and met lots of amazing poems for kids or by kids.

I'm Allergic to School!: Funny Poems and Songs about School I’m Allergic to School!: Funny Poems and Songs about School
Robert Pottle Mike & Carl GordonMeadowbrook 2007-06-26
売り上げランキング :Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools

Looks fun!

And these books inspired me a lot to write poems.

Love That Dog Love That Dog
Sharon CreechHarperCollins 2003-02-18
売り上げランキング : 49442Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools
Hate That Cat: A Novel Hate That Cat: A Novel
Sharon CreechHarperCollins 2010-02-23
売り上げランキング : 95112Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools
Heartbeat Heartbeat
Sharon CreechHarperCollins 2005-09-27
売り上げランキング : 115321Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools

And how about this for Halloween night?

You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Scary Tales to Read Together You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You: Very Short Scary Tales to Read Together
Mary Ann Hoberman Michael EmberleyLittle, Brown Books for Young Readers 2009-08-01
売り上げランキング : 45211Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools

Yes, POEMS are there to be read out loud.

Feel the rhythm, melody and beat of the author’s heart.


BTW, what is the difference between poem and poetry??

And one more book for Halloween!

Haunted Party Haunted Party
Iza Trapani

Charlesbridge Pub Inc 2010-07
売り上げランキング :

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I told you so! – peanut butter issue, again-

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Hey, look at this!
You should read it!!

I’ve got this old book at the thrift shop at an international school in my town.
And when I payed for all the kid’s books I got, a woman at the casheer, who was one of the mom of the students there, looked at me and grinned,
saying, “Nice choice.”

It is a collection of 24 funny school poems.
Look what I’ve found in it!
(excerpting the first 3 paragraphs)

“I’m Getiing Sick of Peanut Butter”     by Kenn Nesbitt

I look inside my lunchbox,
and, oh, what do I see?
A peanut butter sandwich
staring glumly back at me.

I know I had one yesterday,
and yes, the day before.
In fact, that’s all I’ve eaten
for at least a month or more.

I’m sure tomorrow afternoon
the outlook’s just as bleak.
I’ll bet I’m having peanut butter
every day this week.

Oh, honey,
I can give you something better.
If you let me, I’ll make an amazingly awesome apple jam sandwich for you


The Art of Preserving: From Jams and Jellies to Chutneys and Pickles The Art of Preserving: From Jams and Jellies to Chutneys and Pickles
Rick Field Rebecca Courchesne

Apple Press 2010-08-01
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silly poem

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Never ever stop reading
without any particular reason
who is this, who is that
how much did i go
omg what genre is the story anyway


さよなら英文法! 多読が育てる英語力 (ちくま学芸文庫) さよなら英文法! 多読が育てる英語力 (ちくま学芸文庫)
酒井 邦秀

筑摩書房 2008-11-10
売り上げランキング : 180816

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repeat-after-me hell

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「よくわからん」というのは、つまり どこまでカタカナ(日本語なまりの)英語が通じるのだろうか、通じるんであれば別に発音を重要視しなくてもいいんじゃないの、ということから 箇条書きでいろいろ並べたわけですが。


たとえ”Repeat after me”が口癖でなくてもね。やっぱりほら、そこはプロとして。

高校生のとき 英作文の正解を先生が黒板に書く前に「耳を慣らす」ために、dictationを生徒にさせたわけです。
先週の土曜日に→ ラーストサタデー   …
その、カタカナ。その不思議な抑揚とリズムは いったいどこで身につけたんですか、先生っ!?
だって聞いた通りに記述せよ、ならば、どうしても 「ラーストサタデー」って 書きたくなるんだもん。
脳内で Last Saturday に変換するのも大変で、申し訳ないけれど、先生の発音は聞かないことにしましたよ。


ほんとに不思議な方で、ひとつひとつの音はそれらしいのだけど、文章にするととたんに weirdな音になる。

/i/ as in” it” を練習するのに、「”イ”と はっきり言わないのです。日本語の”イ”とは異なります」
そうおっしゃった後に 全員で確認するために 日本語の文章も読んだのですが、それがなぜか
衝撃の ”Repeat after me” !!





わたしにとっての正解は どー考えても
「胃が痛い」 = 「毛が白い」「実は赤い」「血がほしい」「身もほしい」
「胃が痛い」 = 「手が欲しい」「絵が見たい」「尾が長い」…
何度も繰り返しリピートさせられ、しかも individuallyに発音させられたときのわたしの気持ち悪さったら!!




オバケのQ太郎 1 (藤子・F・不二雄大全集)

Perfecting Your English Pronunciation with DVD
Perfecting Your English Pronunciation with DVD

理科のお勉強と、ナツメロと 本日のごはん

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Space Set: Includes 36 Books (Six Copies of Six Titles) + Complete Teaching Guide Book: Level 1 (Science Vocabulary Readers) Space Set: Includes 36 Books (Six Copies of Six Titles) + Complete Teaching Guide Book: Level 1 (Science Vocabulary Readers)
Elizabeth Bennett Jeff Bauer Lydia Carlin Justin McCory Martin Megan DuhamelScholastic Prof Book Div 2010-02
売り上げランキング : 906061

Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools

I really cannot understand 理科; science, biology, chemistry,physics, astronomy…
Well, this set of books tells me what the planet is, how the sun hides behind the moon and what it is called…
I think  this 1st grader’s level science is enogh for me.

This morning, many of my tadoku friends gave me lots of graceful comments on my drawings
and I’ve been happy all day.
When I went shopping I was listening to some beautiful songs through ipod, the soft and clear singings of 由紀さおり and 安田祥子 charmed me a lot… ♥
Among their “あの時、この唄” series, I love the vol.7 and 9, but unfortunately,I cannot find the image picture of them at
You can  listen to the beautiful and famous tunes  and cradle songs  sung by the gifted sisters at

Then while cooking, I enjoyed natsu-mero(good-old-days melody) with my husband.

ゴールデン・ベスト ゴールデン・ベスト
アリス 堀内孝雄EMIミュージック・ジャパン 2002-11-20
売り上げランキング : 55466Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools

おっさん3人で アリス。
おっさん4人で Queen。