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French Tadoku on the web

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Tadoku mainly means to read a lot, but it is not only for reading printed books, you can get input of your target languages by listening, watching or playing games,and luckily there are many sites for doing them on the net.
Of course, again here, English is the easiest to find fun materials. Try to google with such words “story onlines”, and you will get lots of fun sites.


☆Just Clean Jokes

☆Interactive Stories for Kids

Some sites offer more options, like French, Spanish etc.

★Professor Garfield Toon Book Reader

★International Children’s Digital Library

For French Tadoku
♥ TV5Monde Japon–.htm

♥ Digital Dialects

♥ BBC Languages French

And, of course, you can’t miss this: POCOYO ♥


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Le Doudou de Trotro Le Doudou de Trotro
Bénédicte Guettier

Gallimard Jeunesse / Giboulées 2003-05-15
Sales Rank :

See details at Amazon by G-Tools

Non, non et non ! Non, non et non !
Mireille d’ Allancé

L’Ecole des loisirs 2001-09-30
Sales Rank :

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dure rentrée pour Achille ! dure rentrée pour Achille !
Carrie;Warnes, Tim” “Weston

Sales Rank :

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のこさずたべてね、ペネロペ (ペネロペできるかなえほん)のこさずたべてね、ペネロペ (ペネロペできるかなえほん)
アン グットマン ゲオルグ ハレンスレーベン岩崎書店 2007-10
売り上げランキング : 100085Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools


Unfortunately,I can not find the one I read. Only translated ones are abvailable at the jacket, you’ll fly to amazon.France

And this is my log, or note or doodle I made after readint it.


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こんなことを言うと、どうせまた さかい先生に「見せて!」と言われるだろうと思うので ここにご披露。


語数がたとえ多くイラストと動きが一致しなくても どうやらわかるときがあるらしいです。
Gilbert Delahayeさんの著作はもう入手しにくいようですが、

martine et les quatre saisonsより


というわけで、ようやく多読らしくスタートしたFrench Tadoku。

”本気”と書いて”マジ”!French&Italian Tadoku

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French Tadoku and Italian Tadoku

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I cannot read Italian at all, and I cannot read French well
but I can tell these books will turn out to be GORGEOUS for Tadoku beginners!
Le avventure di Tonino l’invisibile
OH, it looks fun! Tonino may be a name of this boy and he’s invisible! And the story is about his adventure! Ooooh!

Je veux pas aller à l’école
Before you see the Engish one, you can tell this mouse(?) doesn’t do something, and as he says “ecole” it is clear he doesn’t want to go to school!
Oh,why? And what will happen to him?

I Don't Want to Go To School! I Don’t Want to Go To School!
Stephanie BlakeRandom House Books for Young Readers 2009-07-14
売り上げランキング : 547101Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools
Las aventuras de Tonino el invisible Las aventuras de Tonino el invisible
Gianni Rodari Joan Antoni Poch GoicoecheaEditorial Constitución Y Leyes 2005-09
売り上げランキング :Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools

Unfortunately, there are only English, Spanish or Japanese translated books are available at and G-tools.
But even the jacket illustrations are much more fabulous and fascinating in the originals.
Oh, I really want to get and read them!
If only I can get all those cute books I’ve found at amazon Italy and France, I’m sure I can do French and Italian Tadoku! XD
The problem is HOW I can get them.

who loves books most

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