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Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 1: Kipper Storybooks: At School (Oxford Reading Tree Trunk) Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 1: Kipper Storybooks: At School (Oxford Reading Tree Trunk)
Rod Hunt

Oxford University Press 1991-05-16
売り上げランキング : 1818284

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〈Kipper was so nervous because it is his first day at school. He didn’t want to apart from his mother, but at the end of school he was…〉

Non, Non ET Non Non, Non ET Non
Mireille d’ Allance

Ecole des Loisirs 2009-04-30
売り上げランキング :

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〈At his first school day, Octave responded “Non!” to every question and suggestion asked to him. But his last “Non!” was a happy one.〉

Funny Fred Funny Fred

Andersen Press 2002-03-28
売り上げランキング : 2025029

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〈Fred was worried about what he should prepare for his first school day. He asked everyone about it and he’s got everything he would need at school.〉

new school
new job
new workplace
new friends
new teacher
new co-workers
new house
Everything is new in April.
Everyone is excited and a bit nervous.
But don’t worry,
everything will be all right soon.
You’ll find it interesting and comfy for you.



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行って参りました。 白金台ブックオフオフ!



Jojo (Collection Decouverte: Niveau Intro) Jojo (Collection Decouverte: Niveau Intro)
Rachel Barnes Christian Blangez

Cle International 2006-01
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Je veux de la lumière ! Je veux de la lumière !
Tony Ross

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Une toute petite petite fille Une toute petite petite fille
Raymond Rener

Folio 1996
Sales Rank :

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don’t know why

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sleepy all day

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Mr Tadoky : has tons of books at his study. never forgets bringing books with him when going to work, but leaves his purse, keys and everyhing besides books at home. he keeps it secret that he actually loves books for children.

Mrs Tadoky : romance reader. you can ask her anything about romance books. blogger.

Tadokina : loves YA and science fiction.

Tadoky Jr. : adores books as you can see in the picture.

(inspired by a student who likes tadoku)

25 years

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25年というと、あの名台詞「教師生活25年!」(町田先生from 『ど根性ガエル』)がまっさきに思い浮かんだり…(笑)

we’ve been married for 25 years and today is the 25th anniversary.
We didn’t do anything special to celebrate it though …

well, you can say that my husband and I have been patient to each other (lol)