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as quickly as possible!

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native speakers of Englishとのchatで、また改めて感じたこと。

chatは スピード命!!



“My boyfriend dumped me.”
Andreに先に書かれた~ www




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Read the following passage.

Newspaper circulation worldwide rose 0.56% in 2005 while newspaper advertising revenues enjoyed their largest increase in four years, the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) said in June 2006. WAN, which represents 18,000 newspapers, said global newspaper sales increased 6% over the past five years, and when free dailies were included, circulation increased 1.21% in 2005 and 7.8% over the past five years Free dailies made up 6% of all global newspaper circulation and 17% in Europe alone, WAN said.

Sales increased in China and India and declined in Japan, the US and Germany in 2005. Sales were up 1.7% in Asia in 2005 over the previous year, 3.7% in South America and 0.2% in Africa, while they fell by 0.24% in Europe 2.5% in North America and 2% in Australia and Oceania. The Japanese have surpassed the Norwegians as the world’s greatest newspaper buyers. In Japan there were 634 daily sales per 1,000 adults and 626 per 1,000 in Norway.

Belgians spend the most time reading their newspapers, 54 minutes a day, followed by Ukrainians, who spend 50 minutes, and Canadians, with 49 minutes.

QUESTION: The text says that the Japanese have surpassed the Norwegians as the world’s greatest newspaper buyers. What does this mean?

1 Eight more Japanese people buy newspapers than Norwegians.

2 63.4% of Japanese people buy a newspaper every day.

3 Sales in Japan are higher than those in Norway because the population in Japan is bigger.

4 Sales of newspapers are higher in Japan as measured proportionately against population.

とある大学の過去問。 さて正解は?


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Room One: A Mystery or Two Room One: A Mystery or Two
Andrew Clements Mark Elliott

Atheneum Books for Young Readers 2008-05-20
売り上げランキング : 11715

Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools

Ted is a sixth grader boy who loves mystery. One morning he noticed someone was at the window of a house where a family used to live. What? The family moved to somewhere and it was supposed to be nobody in the house.

mysteryというよりも ひとりのまじめで親切な少年のちょこっと冒険物語、かな。

happy new year ♪

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写真は娘からのbirthday present、クッション。
ついでにだんなが完成させたT&B プラモも並べてみました。へへ。

birthday present



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Fractions = Trouble! Fractions = Trouble!
Claudia Mills G. Brian Karas

Farrar Straus & Giroux (J) 2011-06-21
売り上げランキング : 421334

Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools

What were you bad at when you were a school kid?
To me almost everything was trouble!

Wilson had a trouble in math, and his parents decided to let him have a tutor for it, which was so embarrassing for him. He didn’t tell his best friend about it. But..

Everybody has his/her own way to learn things, I believe.