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It happened suddenly.
My daughter refused to eat her school lunch or bento with no reasons.
Her teacher and I was very worried about her, of course,
and asked her what happened to her.

Was she sick?
Was she sad?

No. My daughter told nothing about the reason.
She couldn’t explain it. Or she just didn’t know the right words to express her feelings.
And her body was OK.
But she didn’t eat lunch the next day too. It lasted for a few days.

And after a while, she began to eat her lunch again as before,
as if nothing had happened to her at all.
It was about 14 years ago.

The other day, I talked about it to my daughter and asdked why she did such a thing.

Her answer:

What? Who? Me?
No way! I liked to eat so much.
Did it last for a few days?
I didn’t remember anything!
I want to know the reason too!
Ha, ha, ha!

She didn’t recall anything about it at all.

things are always like this between us.

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