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mainstream chapter10

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  1. [東京スカイツリーは現在世界で最も高いタワーです]。The entire structure, (include) its foundation, lighting, painting and elevators, (~と言われている 4語) the fruit of Japan’s (最新の 1語) technology. It was (complete) in February 2012 and opened ( ) the public in May 2012. People are queuing to enjoy visiting this broadcasting tower (     ) observation floors and restaurants.  [①Besides ②Beside] its major role (     ) transmitting digital terrestrial broadcasting, it is also expected to serve (     ) a tower (     ) a disaster-prevention function (~の時に 3語) natural disaster. [①During ②While] it has such practical functions, the design of the Tokyo Skytree represents messages (     ) our past, present and future.


  1. (まず最初に 3語), the history and culture of the downtown area of old Edo (見られる 3語) in different parts of the tower’s design. For example, the height itself has a meaning. The Tokyo Skytree is 634 meters [①high ②wide]. Six-three-four can be (pronounce) ( ) mu-sa-shi in Japanese, and Musashi is the old name of the place [the/ Skytree/ where/ now/ stands].  The colors (use) for lighting and lighting designs have also been (careful) selected.  The blue lighting that runs (頂上から地上まで 6語) represents the water of the Sumida River, [①what ②which ③where] flows nearby. [①Another ②Other ③The other] key color, purple is a traditional color, which was popular in the Edo period and was related (     ) nobility.  The glittering lights (     ) this Edo purple lighting remind us (     ) the gold leaf that is often used in traditional Japanese lacquer ware.  (更に 1語), the top of the tower is lit with thite lights, and this is (mean) to create and image of the snow-capped Mt. Fuji, the primary scenery of Edo.


  1. (過去だけでなく未来も 7語) is clearly part of Skytree’s design. Our future (~にかかっている 2語) our care (     ) the environment, and thus the use of (advance) lighting technology takes ( ) account the need ( ) the conservation of energy.  This idea is reflected (     ) the heavy use of LED lights and other light sources (    ) long life and high efficiency.  The illumination gradually gets (bright) (    ) it moves slowly to the very top of the tower.  (   ) the top of the observation decks, there is as ring of lights which represent shooting stars.  The lights move (     ) a constant speed, and this represents the time (connect) the past and the future.  The illumination at the top of the tower points (bold) up to the sky, which symbolizes (carry) our dreams and hope out into space.


  1. Hirohito Totsune is the lighting designer [①who ②which ③what] was responsible (     ) the lighting of the Tokyo Skytree. He says that the lighting concept is to communicate today that continues ( ) to tomorrow and the future that lies (      ).  When people approach the Tokyo Skytree, their faces naturally turn upward.  The sight of the Tokyo Skytree reminds us (    ) the respect (     ) tradition and culture including craftsmen, appreciation (     ) [①which ②what ③that] we have today and hope for a bright future (~と調和して 3語) the environment.