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poetry for kids and all

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This is a poetry collection.
They are all about sports
-rythmical, vivid and fun.
After you read them aloud
you’ll find that
you want to wirte some.
like me.

Sports! Sports! Sports: A Poetry Collection (An I Can Read Book, Level 2) Sports! Sports! Sports: A Poetry Collection (An I Can Read Book, Level 2)
Lee Bennett Hopkins

Harpercollins Childrens Books 1999-01
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フランス語でchants and songs!

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Un, Deux, Trois: First French Rhymes (Book & CD) Un, Deux, Trois: First French Rhymes (Book & CD)
Opal Dunn Patrice Aggs

Frances Lincoln Childrens Books 2006-11-28
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Beau front,
Beaux yeux,
Nez de cancan,
Bouche d’argent
Menton fleuri



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My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes (Picture Puffin) My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes (Picture Puffin)
Eve Sutton

Puffin 1978-04-27
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Yes, they really like to hide in boxes and nobody knows why.

The story introduces many cats from different countries with different talents and characteristics.
French cat sing and dance.
Spanish cat likes to fly in the airplane.
Greece cat joined the police.
I was glad to know there’s a cat from Japan too.

The sentences are in rhyme like;
“the cat from France
liked to sing and dance”

And each other page, a new sentence is added to the previous sentences
to make it a fun chant!

Just take the book yourself
and read aloud!
I’m sure you’ll enjoy the whole story.

teacher,teacher,i declare!

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Teachers and parents tell kids to listen to them carefully, but they are the ones who don’t listen carefully to kids.

A Nice Walk in the Jungle (Picture Puffin) A Nice Walk in the Jungle (Picture Puffin)
Nan Bodsworth

Puffin 1991-06-03
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Miss Jellaby took her class to the jungle one day since it was their Nature Study Day.
There were 12 kids in her class, and they lined up two by two to walk through the jungle following their teacher.
Miss Jellaby told the kids that they were safe as long as they stayed on the path and listened to her carefully.
Also she told them to tell her when they found something exciting.
But when a boy called on his teacher, Miss Jellaby wasn’t listening. At all.
Then, horribly enough, the kids got gobbled up by an enormous serpent!

Read this book if you want to find out what the teacher did to save them,
and to know the lesson it tells.
Well…., you won’t guess it!

And I love this chant.

Teacher, teacher, I declare,
I see someone’s underwear.
Might be pink, might be blue,
Might be full of dynamite!

[通じる英語はリズムから]I like coffee I like tea(CD付) [通じる英語はリズムから]I like coffee I like tea(CD付)
松香 洋子 TETSUO

松香フォニックス研究所 2002-07-01
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