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It was a lovely and quiet afternoon.
Cat was enjoying a good nap while Madam Malone was going shopping.


? what's that noise?

The roses? What's happened?

!! Who are you?

Hey! Wait! Where're you going?

You must be in this room, naughty!

Oh, My God!!

What the hell....

Uh-oh. I hear Madam Malone is back now. You're gonna be in BIG troule!


Is she coming up? What are you going to do with this mess, naughty?

...! Hey!! Are you...!?

No! Come back!! You have to fix everything before you go! Hey!

Oh, dear! Whatever will I do? Madame Malone will think I messed up her room!

..Anyway I'll do what I least

Ooooh, I have to hurry, but too many books!

Sorry, Harry. But it's not my fault.

I didn't know books are so heavy..

This heavy ...too.

Darn! It's really tough for a cat to fix a poster...

All the books were back into the bookshelf by Cat’s hard work.
Madame Mallone did not notice the mess the squirrel made, thanks to Cat,
and the room was quiet and cozy for cat-nap again.



What!? Did someone sneak into the room while I was sleeping?

AHA! Got it! That naughty swuirrel had come back.

Acorns for me? Hmmm, that naughty is not only naughty anyway. Maybe...

"Three precious acorns for a book. Good deal!"

Peaceful days are back for everyone...

inspired by 『ちいさいおきゃくさん』 by 石井礼子(いしい れいこ)


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